Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria, Virginia hosted an exhibition of work by artists who were to use a piece of writing for their inspiration. I was sent a poem by Joanne Lozar Glenn, and created two pieces. This is called "Pomegranate Grove" and I began with an image of a statue I found in Italy. I paired her with images from my gardens, dragonflies, I photo of my granddaughter's hands holding pomegranate blossoms, and a column. Imprinted on the column are some of the words of the poem, which I had translated to Greek. 16" x 20"

I created this piece for the same exhibition hosted by Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria, Virginia. I posed the statue of the woman with the book in her hand in front of an image of the library at Ephesus, and put figs, leaves from a persian shield and books in the foreground. 16 x 20".


The following ten collages were created from photographs taken in locations halfway around the world from each other. Most of the statues are in various locations in Italy, and most of the plants are from my garden or that of my neighbor Cindy. She sells Louisiana iris and was kind enough to allow me to photograph her gardens.
Virgin and Child in Garden  11" x 14"
Venice Canal  14" x 18"
Roman Garden 16" x 20"
Pink Katrina
Lady of the Woods  11" x 14"
Creole Lady's God
Clematis Altar 11" x 14"
Blue Lady  11" x 14"
Alma Domus  11" x 14"
Alice Got Old  11" x 14"