Join me for a half day, themed paper collage workshop on Saturday, December 8 from 10 AM-2 PM at Bay Printing and Design Shop in Bay St. Louis. Participants will be creating Christmas-themed collages using images of the Holy Family as depicted by master painters from the 13th century onward. I will provide these images as well as scenes from Old World mosaics and illuminated manuscripts from Ireland’s Book of Kells. The completed collages may be photographed and reproduced for use as unique, personalized Christmas cards. I will photograph the completed collages and prepare them for printing as cards at no charge to those who order their cards from Bay Printing. Cost of the workshop is $50 with an additional $20 supply fee, and participants may make as many collages as they are able in the allotted time. For more information please call the artist at 228.671.6146 or email lorikgordon@gmail.com.
Madonna and Child Collage
This collage uses images of an Old Master painting, an image from the Book of Kells, and gold joss paper.


On a recent visit to the French Quarter, I chanced upon a band playing near Jackson Square. They featured a hoop dancer, the first I have ever seen. I was enthralled with this beautiful young woman and her mode of expression. The hoop dance brought to mind belly dancing with its fluid, sensual moves, and I was also reminded of Istanbul's whirling dervishes. Accordingly, I chose some oriental carpets for the background, and repeated the circular shapes of the hoops throughout each piece. These collages are mounted on 1" deep 14" x 18" wood panels, and are available for purchase.  Email me for the price and availability. Giclees are also available.


Marigny Mardi Gras.  This two-level collage was created from photographs taken during the 2012 Mardi Gras celebrations in the New Orleans neighborhood called the Faubourg Marigny. Gathering site for participants in the St. Anne's Parade, this parade represents, for me, the most authentic Mardi Gras experience in the Big Easy. I used inch-thick, circular pieces of wood for the two levels of the piece (approx 40" diameter) taht are mounted on lazy susan mechanisms, so both outer and inner discs rotate independently of each other.


Mardi Gras Geisha 2

Mardi Gras Geisha 1
Mardi Gras Geisha 3

Below are a few examples of my "critter collages". The entire series may be seen at www.crittercollages.blogspot.com. Each is created from paper adhered to a board support and is ready for hanging. They range in size, but most are 11" x 14" to 16" x 20". Unless marked "SOLD" each is available for sale, as are giclee prints on board of each piece. Email me for price and availability at lorikgordon@gmail.com. Also, I have been doing a lot of commissions-if you want an unusual "portrait" of your pet, let's talk.
Anna original collage SOLD (giclee available)


Queen Kitty  original collage SOLD (giclee available)
Murphy, Prince of Twitch
Lola   original collage SOLD (giclee available)
Lily with Wallpaper
Hot Lips.  Original collage SOLD (giclee available)


In the fall of 2011, I swung by the Occupy DC camp in McPherson Square. The following five collages reflect my experience at this historic event.

Occupy 5  original collage SOLD (giclee available)
Occupy 4
Original paper collage SOLD; enhanced giclee on canvas available.
Occupy 3
Original paper collage SOLD; enhanced giclee on canvas available
Occupy 2.
Original paper collage SOLD; enhanced giclee on canvas available.
Occupy 1
Original paper collage SOLD; enhanced giclee on canvas available.