Join me for a half day, themed paper collage workshop on Saturday, December 8 from 10 AM-2 PM at Bay Printing and Design Shop in Bay St. Louis. Participants will be creating Christmas-themed collages using images of the Holy Family as depicted by master painters from the 13th century onward. I will provide these images as well as scenes from Old World mosaics and illuminated manuscripts from Ireland’s Book of Kells. The completed collages may be photographed and reproduced for use as unique, personalized Christmas cards. I will photograph the completed collages and prepare them for printing as cards at no charge to those who order their cards from Bay Printing. Cost of the workshop is $50 with an additional $20 supply fee, and participants may make as many collages as they are able in the allotted time. For more information please call the artist at 228.671.6146 or email lorikgordon@gmail.com.
Madonna and Child Collage
This collage uses images of an Old Master painting, an image from the Book of Kells, and gold joss paper.