Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria, Virginia hosted an exhibition of work by artists who were to use a piece of writing for their inspiration. I was sent a poem by Joanne Lozar Glenn, and created two pieces. This is called "Pomegranate Grove" and I began with an image of a statue I found in Italy. I paired her with images from my gardens, dragonflies, I photo of my granddaughter's hands holding pomegranate blossoms, and a column. Imprinted on the column are some of the words of the poem, which I had translated to Greek. 16" x 20"

I created this piece for the same exhibition hosted by Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria, Virginia. I posed the statue of the woman with the book in her hand in front of an image of the library at Ephesus, and put figs, leaves from a persian shield and books in the foreground. 16 x 20".